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We lead you through our 13 step process to turn your idea into paying customers.

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Learn through our weekly office hours and expert interviews

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Bring your biggest challenges to a group of Founders that is dealing with the same things you are.

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Don’t get frozen

Founders face challenges that very few people fully understand. Connect with founders that get what you are going through.

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Get feedback on your startup idea and grow your audience to those outside of your current network.

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No matter what issues you are going through, you’ll find like minded founders that can help give you advice and point you in the right direction.

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Tired of being the only person who gets what you do? Start building your network of well connected founders to help you grow.

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Connect with industry experts

Get real world advice from founders that have been there and do this for a living.

Safe space to be completely honest

Tired of having to pretend everything is going well? It never really is. We get super honest about how things are really going, both personally and professionally.

How do you reach startup success?

Founder Community helps you get off the ground and grow with our 13-step Proven Process. What are these steps?

Step 1

Identify Problem

Work with our startup coaches to pinpoint the problem you’re trying to solve with your idea.

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Spend time with your Founder Community coach strengthening your idea and setting you up for success.

Step 3

Market Research

Figure out if you have competitors, who they are, and how you can offer something different with your idea.

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